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These 3-Reel machines very simple game with three reels spin and win, if you come out of the same symbols in a row. The sound effects are also very simple melodies and cheerful little beep. Indications bar symbols, week, diamonds are cseresznyékbőll and what is not hard to remember. If pörgetsz three diamonds, you win the jackpot. Not a big craze these 3-reel games, with no complicated options, just in the old style, traditional 3 reels in its nature.

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These 3 reel slots are very simple games with three reels and easy winnings, if you come out of the same characters in a line. Sound effects with a simple melody and a fun little beep. Indications are line symbols, week, diamonds cseresznyékbőll and something that is not difficult to remember. If there are three diamonds, you will win the jackpot. A little hobby for these 3-reels games, without any complicated options, only in the old style, traditional 3 reels in nature.

History of 3 reel slot machines

The first American-made slot machine was created by a man named Charles Fay in 1895, California. This slot machine is called the Liberty Bell. In the old Ancient Liberty Bell, there were three wheels that included various cards. Each drum of the Liberty Bell was an additional symbol. The mechanism started by pulling the lever on the side. If three reels fell out with the main symbol Liberty Bell, put on 50 cents, then luck and a jackpot are on your side. These slot machines were very popular and thus, the era of mechanically driven slot machines began for many years. The players loved to pull the lever and listen to the roar of the gaming machine in a loud voice, they felt like they were a game controller. They started the game by pulling the lever and rotated the reels and time, and stopped the reels and bonus payments by pulling the lever. These machines were replaced over time by 3-reel slot machines later.

Most popular online 3 reel slots

This 3 reel slot machine for free online games provides a great opportunity for those who love simplicity. Our site has a category of 3-reel slot machines, and we offer a wide variety of different, irresistible, entertaining online games such as Super Cubes, Multi Cubes, Jackpot 6000, Gift Shop, Lucky Diamonds, Crazy File 5 Diamond, Wild Jack and many other famous games.

3 reel slots online on your mobile

These 3-reel slots are available for the free mobile version of our game site. You can enjoy the thrill of the game without downloading or downloading data for free. You can play just to relax without registering in a 3 reel slot machine and not worry that in this game you will not win or figure it out, unlike some new and complex fruit slot machine. It will be so easy that you will instantly enjoy the game.


When you play a game that has a non-stop growing jackpot, like most casino games, you can only win the jackpot if you play the most successful coin. This is again an occasion for betting with a maximum value to quickly increase the number of jackpot, and drag it to the maximum benefit from the games, you can win only more. Just try this 3 reel slot and run the game without downloading and completely free.

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